The mission of I.M.P.A.C.T. is to Inspire and Motivate through Performing Arts, Creativity and Technology. We will adequately prepare all students for furthering their education and careers in the Arts and Technology. 

I.M.P.A.C.T. has a dual mission of providing musical support to increase morale and provide entertainment to the surrounding communities, as well as the state of GA, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our priority is to provide a safe environment for all youth, especially underprivileged kids. We will give them opportunities other than gangs or the streets. Our GOAL is to change lives.



Through music the individual is able to express themselves and communicate. With this idea in mind, we have brought together a band of individuals throughout the community who are then given a chance to learn and participate in a friendly, positive environment. Through the band portion, they are then able to practice their instrument and perform on stage with vocalists during concerts.



The I.M.P.A.C.T. Institute strives to include every individual and musical talent. Our music includes parts for vocalists and vocal only pieces which could be a variety of: acapella, solo and group.



At The I.M.P.A.C.T. Institute, we are dedicated to including individuals in our communities into our programs. We encourage them to join us and preform with one another. In the program, each song and piece practiced during rehearsal will be preformed at a concert held for the community.



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